Board of Education Regular Meeting
January 11, 2016 7:00 PM


I. Opening Procedures

The mission of Wakefield Community School in partnership with parents and community is to develop all students into collaborative lifelong learners who demonstrate effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills in a changing global society.


Note: The Board of Education may take action or go into Executive Session on any item listed on the agenda in accordance with LB 84-1410(1).

1. Call to Order

2. Open Meetings Act

3. Roll Call

II. Excuse Board Member Absences

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Awards and Special Recognition

V. Recognition of Visitors/Communication from the Public

1. WEA

Mrs. Lori Harding

VI. Reports

1. Administrators

A. Elementary Principal Report

Mr. Wulf

B. Secondary Principal Report

Mr. Heitz

C. Superintendent Report

Mr. Bejot

2. Board Committee Reports

A. Board Policy


B. Building, Sites & Transportation



C. Business & Finance


D. Curriculum, Americanism & Technology


E. Public & Personnel Relations


F. Strategic Planning


There is nothing to report as of this time because we have not met.  A future meeting date may need to be set.

VII. Discussion and Action Items

1. Consent Agenda

A. Minutes of the previous meeting

B. Financial Reports

2. Adjourn Sine Die and Elect School Board Officers for the 2016 calendar year.


3. Appoint Board Members for the 2016 calendar year to board committees.


4. Discuss and take appropriate action authorizing Board Officers, Superintendent and Treasurer to sign checks for the General Fund; Contingency Fund; Depreciation Fund; Special Building Fund; Employee Benefit fund; Bond Fund; Cooperative Fund and Qualified Capital Purpose Undertaking Fund.


5. Review and sign the Code of Conduct document as written by the Nebraska Association of School Boards.


6. Review and sign a Potential conflict of Interest Statement as required by the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Act.


7. Discuss and take appropriate action to designate an official depository of official district funds.


8. Discuss and take appropriate action designating an official new publication for the school district.


9. Discuss and take appropriate action to designate a law firm(s) who is authorized to provide the school district with legal counsel.


10. Discuss and take appropriate action to extend the Superintendent's contract.


11. Discuss the AdvancEd parent, teacher and student survey highlights.


VIII. Upcoming Dates and Times

1. Set the date and time for the next regular meeting

IX. Adjournment