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Board of Education Goals

Wakefield Board of Education Goals 2017 - 2018 

The Wakefield School Board met on November 2, 2017 in a Board of Education Retreat to discuss Board Goals for the school district.  The Board met with Mrs. Rhonda Jindra serving as the goal setting facilitator.  The purpose of the meeting was to refine district goal objectives where the Board of Education could help facilitate a series of goals that will advance learning and instruction of the district's students.  Identified Goals and Strategic Activities are based upon the district's revised mission and vision for Wakefield Community School.

The School Board reaffirmed three strategic goal areas which are as follows: 

Goal #1 - Wakefield Community School will increase student achievement through relationships, engagement and relevant learning for all.

Goal #2 - Wakefield Community School will make an efficient use of all resources.

Goal #3 - Wakefield Community School will facilitate communication with staff, parents, patrons and students.

 The Board identified strategic activities to address each goal area that will promote and advance the learning of all students.  The process of identifying strategic activities occurred over a period of almost two months.  The strategic activities are as follows for each goal:

Goal #1 Strategic Activities:

  • Students will be engaged in 21st Century learning that insures students will either be college bound or career ready upon graduation.  Look to expand college credit course offerings that address student learning needs for juniors and seniors.
  • Student learning will increase through meaningful staff relationships with all students.   
  • Instructors will use multiple teaching strategies to ensure student engagement in learning.   
  • The school improvement process will use multiple sources of student data (local, state, national) to drive instruction by leadership teams and report findings to the board prior to August 1st.   
  • District will provide relevant staff development for all stakeholders to meet district school improvement goals as identified by the school improvement plan.  All Staff development activities for the school year will be reported to the Board in May.  
  • Extra-curricular programs will continuously improve.

Goal #2 Strategic Activities:

  • District will allocate limited resources to maximize student learning through a balanced budget.  
  • District will maintain existing facilities through planned facilities improvement using a 3 -5 year maintenance plan.   
  • District will make efficient use of all resources (distance learning, community resources, staff, collaborative use of educational resources with other schools) to improve student learning.  

Goal #3 Strategic Activities:

  • Increase effective communication access with all stakeholders using multiple types of communication (district website, newspaper, newsletter, Blackboard Connect, front sign, email, Twitter and PowerSchool).
  • Improve management of the district website. 
  • Increase student and staff recognition as well as celebrate school and district accomplishments.  This may include new celebratory activities.  
  • Provide school and community learning opportunities such as parent education, school cultural diversity activities, community meetings that engage parents and patrons insuring transparency and community support for Wakefield Community Schools.    

The three goals and strategic activities were reviewed and activities were modified.  Modifications were reviewed an approved at the December 2017 Board meeting.  Each of the three goals have been assigned to one of the board committees.  Administration and School board committees will meet throughout the year to work on these goals and make plans for the future of Wakefield School.

Your school board is made up of six members with three holding offices. The officers of the school board are: Karen Borg, President; Mark Victor, Vice President; and Bree Brown, Secretary. Additional board members are Arian Conley, Ben Donner, and Shannon Johnson.

Board of Education Goals

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