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2016 - 2017 Superintendent Goals

by Mark Bejot

November 16, 2016

Superintendent Goals

2016 – 2017

  1. Goal #1:  Wakefield Community School will increase student achievement through relationships, engagement and relevant learning for all. (Curriculum, Americanism & Technology)
    1. Revise the Physical Education curriculum to align with the new Nebraska state standards.

    2. Continuously improve student learning as evidenced on MAP, NeSA & ACT assessment scores in reading, math, science, and writing.
      1. Improve problem solving skills across the curriculum.
      2. Improve reading scores at the elementary and high school level.
      3. Improve science assessment scores at the elementary and high school.
      4. Improve six trait writing skills of all students.
    3. Increase school rigor throughout the curriculum.
      1. Writing across the curriculum requiring more student writing using iPads and other digital formats.
      2. Requesting high school staff to add at least one essay/paragraph question on exams.  Post student writing activities in the hallways.
      3. Elementary to continue writing activities and posting work in the hallways.
    4. Monitor the music program vision and make revision in collaboration with the teachers to increase student involvement and commitment to music.
    5. Student learning will increase through meaningful staff relationships through various "School Pride" activities.
    6. Proved a mix of professional development activities addressing distant learning activities  in technology, effective student engagement, problem solving strategies to improve staff instruction that increases student learning.
    7. Establish a Vocational Advisory Team (Group of 5 -7).  this will consist of business members, parents, and representative from each Career & Technical Education (CTE) area - Industrial Technical Education, Family &Consumer Science, and Business Education.
    8. Continue developing and improving the extra-curricular activities program plan by collaboratively working with the district coaching staff.
  2. Goal #2:  Wakefield Community School will make efficient use of all resources.  (Business & Finance)
    1. Revise and/or develop certified and classified job descriptions.
    2. Examine the school budget and begin planning for potential project of need and interest to the community resulting in a long range strategic plan.  Develop a one to five year strategic plan.
  3. Goal #3:  Wakefield Community School will facilitate communication with staff, parents, patrons, and students (Public & Personnel Relations)
    1. Improve public awareness using multiple information formats (newspaper, Face Book, district website, twitter) concerning Wakefield  Community School and the educational opportunities afforded our students.
    2. Promote the "School Pride" program with in the school and to the community.
    3. Plan a digital community meeting emphasizing student learning.

    Approved at the November 15, 2016 Board meeting

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