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Safety in the 1st Grade

by Tina Sharpe

September 03, 2011


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Playing It Safe in First Grade...

This week the first graders began studying safety on the playground and on the school bus. We learned about different safety rules and how to solve problems with peers on the playground.  Check out the playground mural in the hall that both 1st grade classrooms created! 

When learning about safety on the school bus, we developed interview questions to ask our bus driver, Mike Benson.  Here were our questions and Mr. Benson's responses:

Ryan- How many kids do you pick up?
“I pickup and drop off 38 kids. If everyone rode I would pick up 70 kids.  Our biggest bus holds 60 kids.”

Kolton- How long have you driven a bus?
“I have been driving bus for 19 years. I started my 20th year this year.”

Madison-Who takes care of the buses?
“I take care of all the buses and vans.”

Walker-Where do you go after you drop the kids off?
“ I drop the kids off and take the bus back up to the bus barn. Then I work on the bus if it needs something done to it.  My office and repair shop is there.”

Isaiah-Where do you keep your stuff?
“I keep band-aids up in the front of the school bus.  Every bus has to have a fire extinguisher on the bus.”

Andrea- Why did you decide to be a bus driver?
“I decided to be a bus driver, because there was job opening and I wanted to stay in town.  I was born in Wakefield.”

Makenna-Why do you drive the bus?
“The job came available in town and I knew a lot about mechanics.”

Kenna- What do you have to do on the bus?
“Put fuel in it once a week, check the lights, oil, tires, and breaks. I wanted to stay in town.”

Mrs. Hoffart's class: Why don’t the kids have seat belts on the school bus?
“The bus driver needs a seat belt.  The seats are high so that the kids are unlikely to fly over the seats.”

Matthew-What is your favorite thing about the bus?
“My favorite thing is that I have a lot of kids that are second generation kids on the bus.  It would be like your parents riding on the bus and now you.”

Brianna-Why do you want to be a bus driver?
“My father-in-law used to have the job as transportation director and when he retired I decided to take his place because I am mechanically inclined.  I have had this job for 19 years.”

Gaby-Is it fun to drive a bus?  
“I don’t know.  I guess so as long as everyone is staying in their seats.  I try to make it fun.”

Kasey-Why do you wake up so early?
“I get up at 5:30.  At 6:10, I get up to the bus barn to listen to my messages. Then I know if someone is not riding. I also check if something needs fixed then I have time to do that.  Most buses leave at 7:00.”