I hope you enjoyed the first snow day of the year. It was the first snow day I had called in my career. I would like to say it went off without a hitch, but there were a few issues we are committed to cleaning up. We have found out that a few cell phones denied the texts going through at an odd time of the day, like 6:24 in the morning, or texts from a mass service. That is why some families and staff did not receive the initial notification that there was a late start. I added a voice call notification when school was canceled for the day to fix that issue. Some families need to set up their voicemail with their service, or the voicemail might be full. I can assure you if you get a missed call from the school (402-287-2012) before 7:45 am or after 5:00 pm, it’s most likely an automated message. You do not need to call the school back. If you did not receive the school text notification, please contact the school office, and we will try to help. 

On mornings when the weather looks poor and you don’t receive a school notification, please check the school website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or local media before heading out. I post notifications on these local media sites:





I will attempt to announce a late start or school cancellation by 6:30 am. If there is a late start announcement at that time, I will attempt to announce a cancellation at or before 9:00 am if necessary.

If the weather forecast calls for an impending storm, we may announce a late start or cancellation the night before by 10:00 pm. If local forecasters are warning of an incoming storm please check the school website, social media accounts, and local media outlets if you don’t receive a school notification. 

At times storms will arise during the school day and will make it necessary for the school to be let out early. Please have a plan for your children to be picked up and cared for if you can’t do it yourself. Again, if a storm arises during the day and you do not receive a school notification, check the school website, social media accounts, and local media outlets. Please do not call the school office. 

I know that changes in the school day cause challenges for parents and families. I consider that. But the first and foremost thing I consider is the safety of our kids and staff. I hope to get information out to families and staff as soon as possible. Sometimes the weather can change quickly, and I must take safety precautions when I feel necessary. Thank you for your patience and for your continued support of our school. 

Matt Farup


Wakefield Community Schools