Northeast Nebraska Scholastic Contest

Wednesday, March 16, twenty-six Wakefield high school students competed in a variety of academic areas. Wakefield placed 6th out of 15 Class C schools represented. The top 3 scoring students in each area medaled and earned team points. Wakefield students competed with excellence all the way around with 30 scoring in the top 10. The following students earned medals: 1st place in Trigonometry-Emma Rapper, 1st place in Spanish IIB-Vicky Galindo, 2nd place in Algebra I-Jazmin Paredes, 2nd place in Technical Math-Caleb Chase, 2nd place in Geometry-Ashlyn Boeckenhauer, 2nd place in Spanish IIA-Jordan Metzler, 2nd place in Music- Rachael Nuernberger, 2nd place in Spanish I-Timothy Kaufman, 3rd place in American Government- Emma Rapper, 3rd place in English Composition -Nora Fernandez