Apply2College Event at WCS

On October 4th, Wakefield Community Schools hosted the Apply2College Event sponsored by the EducationQuest Foundation.  The purpose of the event was to encourage students to pursue post-secondary education.  During the first and second periods on Tuesday, 27 seniors dedicated their time to apply to colleges in the library.  The most popular college that the students in the senior class applied to was Northeast Community College.  Wayne State College and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln were the runner-ups.  The furthest college that was applied to was Northwest Missouri State which is almost 4 hours away from Wakefield.  Seniors took advantage of the current application fee waiver for UNL, UNO, and UNK as it typically costs $45 just to apply to those colleges.  Students who plan to work after graduating spent this time updating their resumes for job applications.  Students were encouraged to apply to at least three colleges and had the opportunity to ask any questions they had related to the process of applying to a college.  Seniors were given prizes for participating in the event.  By the end of the event, seniors had applied to a total of 68 colleges.