Lewis and Clark Conference Choir is a day where all schools nearby sing under the direction of a guest conductor. The guest conductor is Claudia Dvorak. The choir will be singing songs from "The Phantom of the Opera, Unsung Hero, Life Your Voice and Rejoice and SiSi Ni Moja." This will give the choir students a variety of music to learn and perform. The Honor Choir portion was an audition process. Ashlyn Boeckenhauer, Joaquin Chavez, Mikkie Mogus, Issac Walsh, Jack Pommer, and Cade Johnson auditioned and were selected to perform with 24 honor choir students. They will sing "And This Shall Be For Music" along with the other music selections. They will also be medaled and recognized for their talent and hard work.

Come and support our HS choir students and these 6 honor choir students at their concert November 7th, 4:30pm at the Allen High School Gymnasium.
If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Ovando - eovando@wakefieldschools.org
Congratulations Ashlyn, Joaquin, Mikkie, Jack, Issac and Cade!